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It seems a bit rushed in its formatting.

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Get to Know Us. Practice activities and motivation exercises as well as tips for overcoming the major problems and catastrophes that might be encountered pave the way for a smooth first storytelling experience.

Video Storytelling For Social Media | Online Course

Kendall Haven is a nationally recognized master storyteller and the author of numerous books, including Marvels of Math, Write Right! A former research scientist, he is based in Fulton, Calif. MaryGay Ducey , a public librarian and professional storyteller, is past-chair of the National Storytelling Association's Board of Directors. She has been featured at every major storytelling festival in the United States and conducts one- and two-day courses on storytelling. And rather than taking sides on issues, they present both sides of topics such as props or no props Their advice on learning, practicing, performing is al well thought out and easy to follow It is written and formatted for those who need a quick working plan to begin storytelling.

It is well-organized, allowing for quick reference to the details one might need in undertaking the storytelling process This up-to-date book will be a great help to beginning storytellers in public libraries, school libraries, and other storytelling venues. Topics include for example how to choose a story, what to do when memory fails, and how to encourage audience participation. Copyright issues are addressed in the appendix.


The volume concludes with a list of recommended sources for stories. In this crash course of pages--no long narratives here--they introduce the craft and teach us how to do it better.

A Crash Course in Storytelling for B2B Marketers

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