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The internet issue was intermittent and not obvious to find but whilst trying to repair the other issues on the computer the internet failed and we could here a static noise on the phone to confirm this we swapped the hand set for another the customer had around and the noise disappeared we then continued with the computer and it failed again and the noise returned with the new hand set, we then disconnected the internet and rechecked the noise was still there we then rang the phones service provider and reported this issue as a line noise fault.

This was later repaired by British Telecom and was found to be a fault at the exchange in Leamington Spa. The computer was repaired in a later visit as it had Windows Vista with no service packs required downloads from the internet including the AVG Antivirus Program to complete the job. We have been called in because the customers Dell Dimension desktop computer is not loading Windows XP.

Upon investigation it is found that the computer has lost the BIOS settings and to repair this computer all we needed to do is replace the CR battery installed on the main board and reset the settings for the BIOS. Good morning today we are with Martin from South Warwickshire electrical services. The intention of this Survey is to provide a plan on how to Install a stable internet service through out the premises Wireless and Wired.


At present the router is based in the attic and only services the 1st floor of the house stably, It gives poor coverage and disconnects on the ground floor and does not work at all in the office which seems to me to be a must. To do this properly it will require four new network cables and sockets to be done before hand by Martin, and my self to install and setup the access points. So we will be back in a few weeks to install the wireless access points and replace the older wireless router that is currently installed. We are here to setup a new Sony Vaio Ultrabook computer installing antivirus software as well as transferring the data from the customers existing laptop computer.

Good afternoon we are currently in Daventry with motivation in motion we are here to update the customers Antivirus to AVG Internet Security and check that the computers are free from malware and viruses one of the laptop computer had a couple of Trojan Viruses which we removed.

If you find your iPad is running slow on the internet fix an ip address in the wireless settings the chances are it will show a private network address which means its using the mobile phones network data usage instead. Good afternoon we are at Wasperton near Wellesbourne in Warwickshire with a customer to repair a Lenovo laptop computer and upgraded the antivirus. Good morning today we are looking at 3 Acer laptop computers and one desktop computer Clinton Lane at Kenilworth near Warwick in Warwickshire.

The first machine is an Acer laptop computer running Windows 7 and requires a fake anti virus removing and Avast antivirus installing. The second needs stripping and the hard drive removing as the computer is being disposed off and the hard drive is to be stored as a backup for a few years and eventually smashed up to prevent data theft. The third Acer laptop needs windows 8 installing Microsoft Office, Avast and other programs installing as well as setting up on the wireless network.

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The Acer desktop required the antivirus updating and we left the computer running an antivirus scan. Good afternoon we are with a customer in Kineton Between Warwick and Banbury, The customer has reported a problem on one of their computers in which each time their antivirus removes a Trojan virus it keeps reappearing on their computer after it has been shut down or rebooted. After editing the registry, deleting the temporary files and clearing the cache we ran a Malwarebytes Scan which found and removed the files which were causing the Trojan virus to reappear.

Good morning we are with a customer at Barford in Warwickshire who has a new Samsung notebook computer and is missing the contact details for Microsoft Windows Live Mail email program, it seems the wrong address book had been imported in to the email program so we removed the contacts and re imported from the customers old computer system. Good afternoon we are with a customer on the Chase Meadows in Warwick, The customer has reported several problems on their notebook computer running Microsoft Windows XP, the first problem was that the computer had lost all of the customers data, it seems the customer had purchased the computer from a previous employer and the computer had been set up to synchronise when returned to the office, some how the computer had been reset to be used as a stand alone machine and this had hidden the protected data, this required us to run system restore and return to a previous state which also solve a lesser issue with synchronising an Apple iPhone this had stopped working after a Microsoft Windows update for Apple had installed.

Now we have a fully working computer we are able to reproduce the customers original fault which was that they were unable to save any thing in to the documents folder, the documents folder is in fact an offline folder to solve this we just upped the limit on the offline folder size. Whilst here we also checked that the backup system was backing up the Offline folder with all the customers data.

Debt crisis: as it happened June 1, - Telegraph

The next issue here was a problem on the computers Outlook Express email system, one of the customers contacts had attempted to send a large number of photos and this had blocked up the customers incoming emails, we managed to release this by downloading the emails one at a time storing the pictures in My Pictures and then deleting the Emails , we also reconnected the HP Deskjet F Series multifunction scanner printer to this laptop so the customer can wirelessly scan and print, the computer had originally locked up on opening one of the large emails and this was thought at first glance to have been a virus but further investigation revealed that the heat sink that cooled the video chip had fallen off this was repaired by reattached with conductive adhesive.

Although this is now all working it is a little slow due to the age of the computer and the customer is now looking at a replacement machine over the next few months. We are now with a customer near Rouncil Lane in Kenilworth, we are here to set up a simple back up system for an External Western Digital Passport hard drive. Good morning we are with Motivation in Motion at their Daventry Office, We are here today to Set up an Apple iPad 3 and an Apple iPhone this is including installing email Clients on both devices, syncing Contacts and Calendars with Microsoft Outlook on a Toshiba notebook via the iCloud online, installing Keynote and Dropbox to allow viewing and sharing of the Microsoft Powerpoint presentations from the computer.

Good afternoon, we are now with a customer near Church Street at Barford in Warwickshire, we are here to install the customers new Samsung Notebook computer , this also involves transferring data from the customer old Computer including documents, pictures, music , Etc and installing Microsoft Office, antivirus and email Programs.

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