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  1. Asteroid touchdown, Spain’s reforms and an ‘extinct’ tortoise returns
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Asteroid touchdown, Spain’s reforms and an ‘extinct’ tortoise returns

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Fancy Email. Related products. We are having a sale. Shopping Cart. Your cart is currently empty. Shop now. If successful, it will be only the second time in history that a probe has collected a sample from an asteroid, after a previous mission, Hayabusa, did so in The idea of space-based solar power stations has been around for decades, but the cost of launching stations that could weigh up to 1, tonnes is a major obstacle.

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China is considering using 3D printing to construct stations in space, to avoid launching the hefty weight. The stations would use photovoltaic cells to capture solar energy that is then transferred to antennas that transmit microwaves or radar to Earth. Receiving stations would then convert the microwaves into electricity, which could be used to power electric cars, according to state media. They would also be a more stable energy source than ground-based stations, because they could avoid fluctuations due to weather, seasons or night.

Board Stiff - Green Tortoise

The idea has divided many in Congress, which would need to approve the proposal for it to become reality. Administration officials had earlier discussed establishing the Space Force as a sixth branch of the military, which prompted critics to argue that the Pentagon did not need more bureaucracy. The proposal is the fourth space-policy directive that Trump has signed during his presidency. Spanish reforms Spanish science minister Pedro Duque pictured has announced reforms to cut red tape and make life easier for researchers.

The Spanish government issued the reforms as a temporary measure on 8 February, and parliament is expected to review and approve them as permanent law by 28 February. The changes make it easier for public research institutions to hire staff on a permanent contract, and for scientists to buy equipment and to return to a science career after taking maternity or paternity leave.

The analyses include the national climate assessments, reports that are mandated by law and which examine how climate change will affect different areas of the country and sectors of the economy.

The other May problem | Centre for European Reform

The latest assessment, released in November , stated that US communities are increasingly vulnerable to the dangers of a warming world, including larger wildfires. The findings contradict positions taken by Trump and administration officials, who have questioned well-established tenets of climate science. Some researchers fear that the formation of the climate-science group could be used to undermine the scientific consensus on global warming.

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  • More sadly still, that church has now been inoculated against the biblical reformation it desperately needs. A charismatic and talented pragmatist can grow a church from 50 to in short order with a savvy blend of humor, technology, leadership, and style. The Pragmatist may crack the code of how to rapidly raise church attendance, giving all appearances of revitalization. But important questions remain: Are people truly being converted by the gospel, repenting of sins and trusting in Christ? Is he cultivating a spiritual redwood, which grows slowly but reaches majestic stature?

    Or is he merely growing a rose, which blooms today but fades tomorrow? Sadly, the more effectively and rapidly one can raise church attendance, the less likely anyone is to question the methods theologically. Numbers bewitch us. Why reinvent the wheel? Why not just buy the book, attend the conference, order the kit, and download the sermons from another successful church? The Copycat sounds like the Pragmatist, and at one level he is. But the Purist can fall into this temptation, too. Reformed Copycats have their hero pastors and churches as well. In fact, Scripture commands us to follow the godly examples of others 1 Cor.

    We also err as Copycats when we fail to assess our favored model in light of biblical teaching on the local church.

    This final hare is perhaps the most dangerous. The Narcissist views church ministry through the lens of his own personal narrative.

    He sees congregational renewal and reform as the stage for acting out a self-centered script. Maybe he dreams of being the guy who helps the stodgy traditional church become cutting edge. Or perhaps he fancies himself an activist who confronts the complacent suburban church about engaging the poor.

    Or maybe he simply sees himself speaking to thousands, and wants to transform his congregation into that mega church. Such delusions of grandeur tend to breed impatient pastors.